TRIbella Aerator blends function with style for wine lovers

The TRIbella aerator instantly opens a young red wine by introducing oxygen as it is being poured. (Photo courtesy of TRIbella)


The field is getting crowded among wine aerating systems and devices, however the TRIbella Aerator with its three streams stands out.

Many red wines, particularly recent releases, benefit from the introduction of oxygen after opening the bottle in order to soften the tannins. However, it’s not always convenient in terms of time or room on the dining table to accommodate a broad-based decanter.

That’s where the TRIbella Aerator ($40) comes in handy and effectively. The triad of pour spouts intrigues me, because it looks high-tech and elegant at the same time. Pull this out during a dinner party, and there is no doubt that guests will want to take turns pouring the wine, just to watch the triple stream flow into the glasses.

Easy to care for TRIbella Aerator

TRIbella was invented by Skip Lei of Portland, Ore., It was introduced in 2014. (Photo courtesy of TRIbella)


Not only is the TRIbella Aerator a cool gadget, but also the packaging is sleek and classy. That makes it a great option as a gift for a friend or colleague. It can also serve as a unique response to that wedding you received an invitation or a thoughtful housewarming gift.

The carrying case is similar to a eyeglasses case, so it’s easy to tuck TRIbella into a wine tote or a purse and take to the party. That also ensures that this gem won’t rattle around in the back of the utilities drawer, but instead, can be displayed on the wet bar at home or the office, within easy reach for regular use.

And care of the TRIbella is easy. Simply rinse with cool tap water.

It is attractive and functional with a pop of wow factor that makes a wine consumer want to own it. And it also comes recommended by the wine editor at Sunset magazine, Sara Schneider.

The TRIbella Aerator is available online via Amazon, Uncommon Goods, Williams-Sonoma and Wine Enthusiast.