Q&A red

It’s likely this label will catch your eye from the shelf; it’s bright red and the “Q&A” is intriguing.  I experimented on this blend of Merlot, Ruby Cab, Cabernet and Petite Sirah with a nifty new decanter.  I compared non-decanted to decanted wine, and saved some to try on Day 2.  Before aeration, the wine had a bright aroma of cherries and cranberries but the palate was dominated by zippy acid and rough edges. However, decanting brought out aromas of dark fruit, with deeper notes of juicy berries, and it beveled those rough edges.  The bottom line – take this bottle to a party, pour it for everyone and encourage aggressive swirling, then use the trivia questions on the label as an ice-breaker.  By the time everyone has a few sips and laughs at each other for not knowing the answers, everyone’s having a good time and you’re the hero.  Awkward office party solved.  Ratings: Very CF, 3.5 points for party value